About Us

Bodies In Motion Physical Therapy offers a whole body approach to rehabilitation, individual and team training for injury prevention and performance enhancement, sports and fitness training. All are geared toward keeping you moving, to minimize pain, stay healthy, fit, and in top performance for sports.

The human body is designed for motion. Motion allows for everyday activities including work, school, recreational, and sports activities. Motion allows us to be active and stay healthy throughout our lives. Our goal at Bodies In Motion Physical Therapy is to help patients and clients maintain and improve their ability to perform various activities and to regain the ability should they become injured, ill, or have difficulty due to various conditions such as pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. We utilize a combination of manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, motor control, functional training, yoga, pilates, sport specific training, and exercise to assist people in meeting rehabilitation, sport, and health related goals.

Bodies In Motion offers both rehabilitation following injury, surgery, and illness as well as individual sports and fitness training, community education and small group exercise and training classes aimed at maintaining and improving general health, fitness, and sports performance. For athletes, we provide sport specific training and technique perfection, speed, agility, and power training.

We have excellent outcomes with return to activities, work, and sport. Additionally, we have extremely high patient satisfaction ratings with 99% of patients responding as “very satisfied” and recommend our clinic to family & friends.

We believe that everyone needs activity to maintain health and wellness. That activity will vary from person to person and from age to age. We strive to take each person to their highest level of function and performance – whether that is gardening and playing with grandchildren, competing in senior’s golf and tennis, or youth and high school sports. We strive to find various activities that you will maintain throughout your life. We work with you to set individual goals, develop the plan to meet them, and carry out the plan through hands on rehabilitation and performance enhancement training.