Direct Access to Physical Therapy in California!

As of January 1, 2015, you can now go directly to a Physical Therapist not only for an evaluation and diagnosis but also for treatment without first seeing a physician! This is a tremendous step in initiating earlier intervention and recovery from injury with much lower cost. Studies repeatedly show that people who see a Physical Therapist first when they are injured or have pain, recover more rapidly, return to daily and athletic activities more rapidly, have fewer expensive tests, recover more fully, and have less costly episodes of care. For those injured athletes, call us right away! We will see you within the first day or two of injury and get you back on the field as rapidly as possible and generally with fewer visits. You can now start PT day 1 or 2 of injury just like college and pro athletes do to get you back on the field or court more quickly! We can also connect you with sports physicians and/or help you get necessary tests more rapidly if needed as well. For those who hurt your back, neck, shoulder, knee, or ankle at home or while out and about, call us right away. Again, we will evaluate you and start treatment quickly to help you reduce pain and return to your daily activities and enjoy life again! Think Physical Therapy First for quicker pain relief and quick return to your daily life!